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Don't let your foot pain bother you during your daily activities. From minor foot pain in children to sporting injuries in athletes, we can help treat it all.  Like any other injuries, there are preventive treatments that can keep your feet healthy too. Located in Aberdeen, Wood Podiatry provides specialised foot treatments tailored to meet your requirements. We know getting back on your feet quickly is very important to you and we strive to offer effective treatments. Get in touch with us today for more information on our other services.

  • Nail surgery

  • In-house CAD/CAM milled orthotics

  • Local anaesthetics

  • Laser treatment

  • Below knee acupuncture

  • Podiatry treatments for children

  • Podiatry treatments for adults

Don't let pain ruin your day. Let our experienced podiatrists treat your foot or lower limb disorder.

  • Verruca

  • Skeletal problems

  • Foot, knee, hip or back pain

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Specific sports injuries

  • In growing toenails

  • Daily walking discomfort

  • Foot, limb or postural problems

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Wood Podiatry can also help you create custom designed, prescription foot orthotics to provide relief and comfort while restoring your biomechanical alignment. Contact us for sports podiatry treatments in Aberdeen or for more information on general injuries and disorders.

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